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Inspired through Barstool Sports, Seth Lewis realized that we can do the same thing in our immediate community. Dave Portnoy has raised over $21 Million dollars for small businesses. Even though that is a large amount that is not nearly enough for all the businesses that need help. Our goal is to raise a minimum of $30,000 and provide $1500 cash to small businesses. Every time we have $1500 we will contact a local business and provide them a check to help support them. These are to be small local businesses that have been hit the hardest during COVID restrictions and regulations. 100% of the funds go to small business support. We will post the account balance and photos/video of your donations to the businesses for full disclosure. Let's have fun in supporting our local community! 

Please contribute to this fund. We are stronger together when we support each other.

Nominate a Small Business 

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