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SEVERE DAMAGE: Plants & Turf - Japanese Beetles

One of the foremost danger to plants are pests and among those, one such pest is a great danger to all plants: Japanese beetles.

Signs of Japanese Beetles Damage

These beetles are a nuisance far and wide. They attack crops in groups, causing monumental damage. What makes them especially problematic is their in-discrimination towards crops; they feed on a variety of plants with Roses being their favorite among the vast menu any lawn has to provide.

Brown patches in grass

If you have noticed brown patches in your grass, these beetles are the culprits. During the winter, these insects remain underground, growing in the soil. One might think they only cause damage in the summer, but that is not the case. While in the soil, these grubs feed on the roots of grass, making it weak, which leads to its ugly brown color.

Skeletonized leaves

Another common sign is the half eaten leaves and flowers, or worse, skeletonized leaves. As these beetles feed in groups, they are able to consume a leave or a flower fairly quickly. This is a clear sign that your lawn is infected with these pests.

How to recognize Japanese Beetles?

These beetles, on average, are half an inch long. They have copper-coloured backs with tan wings, blue-green metallic eyes, and white hair lining each side of its abdomen.

Why is it important to take action against them?

These beetles spread like a deadly virus, they are transferred through soil, thus avoiding them is almost impossible. If they find their way onto a flower, they are sure to infect your entire plant space soon enough.

These pests are a nuisance that is difficult to get rid of not to mention the cost one might incur of the beautiful expensive plants being bought every few months due to the consistent damage caused by these tiny beetles. The damage caused to grass is monumental.

Even if you treat your plants to control their population, they might come over from a neighboring lawn or grass field. Therefore, proper treatment is required to get rid of these pests for good.

We got your back

We provide exactly the kind of service that helps you sustain your plant life. If you are facing this problem or even if you haven’t spotted these tiny monsters lingering in your garden, it is always best to take preventive measures before the need for corrective measures arise.

We have a team of professionals who are best suited to deal with these pests effectively, resulting in positive outcomes for your plants and shrubs alike. Instead of redesigning your lawn, take action against these beetles while you can still control the damage.

We have a wide assortment of methods and equipment to get rid of these beetles while also ensuring that no damage is sustained to your plants. With our help, the flowers in your facility will bloom without any pest feasting on them so will the other plant life.

I highly suggest looking into this matter and checking your plants for signs of these pests. In these tumultuous times, it is difficult to afford unexpected expenses, like redoing your lawn.

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